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French Prawn Rolls

These French Prawn Rolls are the ultimate seafood indulgence. Hot, buttery, crunchy baguettes filled with cold, creamy prawns and a mouthful of flavours that will most certainly tempt your tastebuds.  Trust me when I tell you these will be very popular!  Always a crowd pleaser and very easy to put together. They also work really well … Read More about French Prawn Rolls

4 of The Best Business Books For Startups

When thinking about a start up or wanting to turn your hobby into an income stream, you will need advice on what do and the best way to do it.  As someone who’s been through this before I can tell you every man and his dog will give you their views on what they think you should do.  There is so much information out there it can be really overwhelming & frustrating and scary to think of exactly what SHOULD be done.My advice as someone who’s dabbled in small and online business is to just start.  No matter if you are writing a book, selling on Etsy or setting up a stall to sell candles at your local market – you can’t let the information overload stop you from getting going.  Mistakes will most definitely be made but that’s how you learn.  There will never be a perfect time to start – you just have to jump in.Research is necessary, and I’ve listed my personal favourite books that should definitely be on your bedside table if you are serious about starting a small business.